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Xicato Newsletters

Westminster AbbeyJuly 2018 Newsletter: Westminster Abbey chooses GalaXi, Introducing Xicato Artist Series 2200K, Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) Artist Series now shipping, Understanding Initial Color Consistency, New Xicato GalaXi Integration Partners


Xicato GalaXiMarch 2018 Newsletter: Smithsonian chooses GalaXi, LEDucation and Light+Building, Powered by GalaXi and Works with GalaXi programs, Designer 9mm, Xicato GalaXi Card (XCG) and Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) Artist Series


Xicato GalaXiSeptember 2017 Newsletter: Xicato Bluetooth story, New Xicato Intelligent Sensors (XIS), New 4000lm Artist/V9, Understanding Bluetooth 5


Hereford CathedralAugust 2017 Newsletter: Hereford Cathedral, Introducing the new Xicato Intelligent Drivers (XID), Understanding Fidelity


Casa SmedJune 2017 Newsletter: Casa Smed, Designer Series Portfolio, XCT and XIG enhancements, Programming Umbrellas


May 2017 Newsletter: Van Gogh Conserves Energy and Art, Industrial Chic at London's BXR Gym, XIM Control Panel on MacOS, New XIM Gateway Administration Tool, Vivid Under My Umbrella Sydney


April 2017 Newsletter: Optics Plessin Looks Good With Beauty Series, More Light With XIM 3,000lm Artist, De Hef Bridge Lightshow, Video: Xicato Color Consistency, XIM Gen4 Options Fill the Luminaries Gallery, Introducting Oliver Weiss


March 2017 Newsletter: Waddensea Center Takes Flight With XIM Gen4, Introducing Xicato Intelligent Gateway, Xicato and Lumify Partner for Multivendor Control:


February 2017 Newsletter: APIs for Bluetooth Control, Four Shades of White, XTM19 Efficacy Increases, How to Order an XIM Development Kit


January 2017 Newsletter: Designer Series, Charlotte Tilbury, LET-Brunel Design Awards, Understanding Reliability, Video: Philippe Morvan's Light Sculpture 


December 2016 Newsletter: Xicato CEO Menko Deroos talks about the future, About Flicker 


November 2016 Newsletter: Museon den Haag, Braemar Gallery, Xicato Configuration Tool, Lux Award winners, About Beacons and more 


October 2016 Newsletter: Xicato launches XIM Generation 4, How are your lights feeling?, What can you do with XIM Gen4?, and more 


September 2016 Newsletter: Alexander Wang store, XIM Gen4 preview, Victoria & Albert Museum, How deep is deep dimming?, Bluetooth, APIs and License fees, and more