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About Xicato

Xicato is changing the way the world looks at light
— and enabling everyone to experience it. 

Privately held, the San Jose, California-based company was founded in 2007 by three lighting industry veterans who envisioned an innovative way to quickly and easily implement an entirely new aesthetic standard for LED lighting in professional settings.

Xicato believes that with better light, shoppers will buy more, diners will order more and guests will be happier and feel more comfortable. In turn, for owners, operators and managers of environments, better lighting will contribute to higher sales, margins and brand perception. The true value of Xicato light lies in delivering on the aesthetic and economic potential of LEDs: the quality of light, its efficacy and ownership cost for retail stores, hotels, restaurants and bars, architectural environments and more.

A leading developer of superior light quality from LED modules, Xicato’s innovations produced the LED module category. Xicato’s LED modules are simple yet elegant, featuring a form, fit and function that make them virtually future-proof and easy to integrate into a family of luminaires. Delivering accurate color and efficient light enables the spaces in which they’re installed to look as good years from now as the day they’re first illuminated.

More than one million Xicato modules have been installed in just over six years. The pioneering company stands behind its products with superior customer service, the industry’s first color consistency warranty and an unmatched commitment to providing light that makes the world a better place.