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GalaXi Partners

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Xicato is a passionate advocate for Open Standards and interoperability. That is why we have established three programs to expand the ecosystem of companies, products and services that can enable the many advantages of Xicato GalaXi lighting control.

The “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” program is open to technology partners and luminaire manufacturers that incorporate Xicato GalaXi technology into their products. This includes those that integrate the Xicato GalaXi Card into their devices, as well as software vendors that expand upon Xicato software code to create their own apps.

Xicato also publishes APIs that enable “Works with Xicato GalaXi” interoperability with lighting control and building management systems from such vendors as Pharos, Medialon, and Extron, and wall switches and touch panels such as the Enocean GalaXi-compatible energy harvesting switches.

Finally, Xicato trains and certifies system integrators who can design, install, commission and support Xicato GalaXi networks.

Contact Xicato to find out how to become a “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” or “Works with Xicato GalaXi” partner, or GalaXi Certified System Integrator.