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The “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” program is open to technology partners and luminaire manufacturers that incorporate Xicato GalaXi technology into their devices or luminaires. Device integration is through the Xicato GalaXi Card (XGC), enabled by Xicato firmware and software. Luminaires that are Powered by Xicato Galaxi include those that incorporate the Xicato Intelligent Module (XIM) or Xicato Intelligent Driver (XID). GalaXi powered luminaires can be found by searching our Luminaire Gallery for Module Types "XIM Generation 4" and/or "Xicato Intelligent Driver".

All GalaXi Powered solutions work together. All are programmable and controllable with the Xicato Control Panel, or through the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG). All respond to Galaxi powered switches and sensors. Light sources can be set up as mesh repeater nodes, and all GalaXi nodes can transmit iBeacon, Eddystone, and/or Alt Beacons for location based navigation, asset tracking, or information services.


Xicato GalaXi

Eulum Design's mission is to enable lighting OEMs to pioneer cutting-edge products.


Eulum has integrated the Xicato GalaXi Card into their NDRV-XIT and TRAN-XIT products. The NDRV-XIT allows GalaXi control of up to four single-channel, constant-voltage tape solutions (such as the Xicato Linear Tape) or up to 4 channels in multi-color tapes (e.g. RGB, RGBW, CW-WW, etc.). The TRAN-XIT allows GalaXi control of standard high-wattage products by translating Bluetooth commands into 1-10V voltages that connect to any standard 1-10V controllable driver. 

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Entity Electric

Entity Electric manufactures and distributes through their ECE subsidiary a wide variety of electrical devices.

Entity has integrated the Xicato GalaXi Card into their EN1612, which translates GalaXi Bluetooth commands into DALI commands to control up to four independent devices or channels.

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