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Bringing color to life

How do you talk about color? Maybe you use adjectives like warm and cool, light and dark, striking and tranquil, or young and surprising. Specific colors can spark specific emotions, even move people to take action — nudging them to relax, shop longer or engage more with an environment than they initially planned. For Xicato, color is embedded in our lives, and bringing the colors we picture to life in the spaces we travel through is a huge part of what we believe.

And there’s plenty of room for imagination. While we each have a clear perception of color in our mind’s eye, we have the capacity to present colors in ways we’ve never imagined to create new feelings about the world around us. Our lighting experts continue to use innovation and technology to bring to life experiences that otherwise may have gone unrealized.

If you’d like to know more about how Xicato is changing how the world experiences color, contact us. We’d be happy to talk color with you.

Xicato has created the Xicato Color Portfolio Demonstration Kit, part number
XSA-500, which allows you to see and compare the lit effects of Xicato Artist Series, Beauty Series, Designer Series, Standard Series, and Vibrant Series products on your own materials. Contact Xicato today to get one for yourself!

Xicato LED modules offer realistic color rendering