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Color you can count on

If you were to turn on 100 halogen lamps side by side, chances are they’d all look alike and you wouldn’t give consistency a second thought. With some technologies, however, including compact metal halide and LEDs, inconsistent color in the light source can create big problems with both the visual appeal and the true representation of colors on walls, meals and merchandise. For Xicato, consistency is an inseparable partner to color — having one without the other is at best a partial solution.

Xicato Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® enables us to harness and control the shifting nature of LEDs so that the light from our modules maintains color consistency through its lifetime. After years of installations, testing and trials across the globe, Xicato has taken the unique extra step of guaranteeing the color consistency of its modules. Now, you can confidently light with color you can count on.

Read more about our 5-Year Color Consistency Warranty

Xicato LED modules maintain consistent color from one module to the next