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Engaging Spaces with Dimming

The case for widespread dimming capability has never been stronger than it is today with LED light sources. Dimming LEDs reduces system power on a system that is already efficient and it adds the ability to change the lit effect in an almost infinite number of ways. It’s so important that globally, legislators are often requiring dimming be installed even as the industry is discovering how to enable quality dimming and how to define and specify the behavior of the luminaire as it’s dimmed.

The concept of great dimming can be defined by a key list of dimming essentials that are relatively easy to understand and measure and are critical to creating a quality dimming experience. For example, as light is dimmed the effect should be smooth. Smooth as the light decreases until it’s off and smooth when it’s turned on, regardless of the setting. You should never, ever see ‘steps’ as the light changes in intensity, up or down. In addition, the control range should be very large with complete control from a full-on state to a full-off state. This control is a key capability and promise of LED technology. If only part of the dimming range is enabled, then the full advantage of the system is not being utilized. Additional qualities are shown in the chart on the right.

Nothing is more important to Xicato than the lit effect, so as we’ve done with color and consistency, we are addressing dimming specifically by integrating a highly reliable dimming, drive and diagnostics package in our latest products and establishing new benchmarks that allow lighting designers and OEMs to affordably, effectively and successfully implement dimming.

Our XID provides deep, smooth, flicker free, Bluetooth-controlled dimming not only for our entire XTM product line, but for anything from a single LED to a CoB or LED array of up to 56 Watts and 1400mA. This includes most indoor lighting solutions, including linear ceiling fixtures, downlights, spots and flood, and even many outdoor fixtures such as wall packs. 

Xicato XIM modules integrate dimming and advanced functionality directly with the LED light source. This gives the user unparalleled control, simplifies solution design, lowers system costs and results in dimming that is simply better than anything you’ve experience before. XIM Gen4 also integrates Bluetooth wireless control. 

See these dimming features for yourself in our Dimming Comparison Videos, or learn more about dimming technology and XIM in the materials below.

Xicato LED modules offer superior dimming