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Natural Light

Choosing Light

The dilemma has been natural light or efficient light. Halogen, the standard bearer for natural light, provides inviting and comfortable light that is desired in the home and professional spaces. But with a short lifetime (2000 hours on average) and terrible efficiency, halogen is the target of regulators and anyone responsible for sustainability. Fluorescent and CMH have set the standard for more efficient, longer lasting and, alas, average lighting. So many have become used to the light from these sources that they've almost forgotten what awaits their eyes under good light.

Good news though. The choice is no longer good or efficient light. In fact, the demand should be for good and efficient light.

Xicato knows that LED technology delivers efficiencies that are far superior to halogen and a lifetime that would be measured in years not hours. Xicato's color scientists, engineers and innovators have solved the problem of how to deliver high quality, natural light that is efficient and long lasting. The solution is the Artist Series.

The Artist Series from Xicato is virtually indistinguishable from halogen light, except on the electricity meter reading where the difference is clear. To learn more about natural light, how Xicato has designed the Artist Series and the types of applications its being used we offer a range of resources and, this entire website. In addition to the materials below we welcome you to learn more in our technology section and to explore the application and luminaire galleries we have online.

Xicato LEDs give you natural light and efficiency