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Xicato Color Portfolio Demo Kit

See For Yourself

The Xicato XSA-500 Color Porfolio Demonstration Kit helps you demonstrate and test each of the Xicato color series formulas and color temperatures on materials specific to your project. Play with CCT, color rendering and color point, and directly compare the difference effects produced by Artist, Designer, Vibrant, and Standard Series color rendering on wood, metal, stone, paint, fabrics, and skin. 


What's Inside

XSA-500 contains 

  • 2 light engine platforms
  • a variety of XCA LED arrays, including one 9mm LES and a sample of each color series in each available CCT 
  • optics

The kit comes with a convenient, protective carrying lens case for the light engines, and a coin portfolio to protect and organize the XCA light sources. 

For a battery power source, we recommend the following (not included): 

Anker PowerCore 20100 Ultra-High-Capacity Portable Charger


Click here for the XSA-500 Xicato Color Portfolio Demonstration Kit brochure and instructions


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