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Xicato XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit

What can YOU do with XIM Gen4?

The Xicato XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit (part number XSA-501) allows lighting designers and end users to experiment (we call it "play") with the deep functionality of the Xicato Intelligent Module with Bluetooth. Download the free Xicato XIMtroller application from the Apple iTunes App Store and Control the lights using your iOS device. Request the free Xicato Control Panel software for more powerful functionality: Set power-on behavior. Create groups and scenes. Activate iBeacons, Eddystone (URI) beacons and Alt beacons. Create schedules. Configure the lights to respond individually to multiple sensors and/or to each other. And monitor module operating data such as intensity, LED temperature, total operating hours, on/off cycles, input power, voltage, and more.

For luminaire manufacturers, controls integrators, and software developers, the XSA-501 provides a development kit that, with assistance of the Xicato API and other free development tools available upon request directly from Xicato, facilitates the creation of mobile apps, commissioning and management tools for potential sale to Xicato end users.

What's Inside

The XSA-501 is available from multiple Xicato Distributors, and both content and pricing varies depending on content. However, the XSA-501 XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit includes at least two XIM Gen4 modules mounted to small heat sinks, with 48V DC wall-plug power supply unit, optics and a BlueGiga BLE USB dongle. The kit requires that you download the Xicato XIMtroller iOS app from the Apple iTunes App Store and/or the Xicato Control Panel software directly from Xicato (click here or on the button below to request by email). Xicato intelligent Bluetooth sensors are also available upon request at extra cost. 


How to Order

The Xicato XSA-501 XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit is available today from our global distributors. 

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