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Color Consistency

Inconsistent lighting colorConsistent color. For life.

The light from every source changes color over time. How that change is perceived can be strikingly different when it comes to the technology of the light source and the design of the lighting installation.

In virtually every installation, the key question is how much change is present, and is it noticeable? Look at the dramatic change across adjacent light sources in Figure 1 — low-quality light sources can negatively affect the visual appeal of a space, compromising both the value of the fixture and your Total Cost of Ownership.

Combining Expert Design with Powerful Technology

Our focus on color consistency means you can be assured of color consistency for the life of your Xicato modules. How is such an unprecedented guarantee possible? Our Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® enables us to individually tune and measure each module before it’s shipped, and keep the phosphor cool to minimize color degradation.

In the video, you’ll see what happens when the color of white light from a source changes, and learn how high-quality Xicato LED modules stand the test of time.

Color Consistency Maintained

A Warranty Unlike Any Other

Since 2008, Xicato has continually recorded outstanding testing, analysis and field results. That’s why we’re able to confidently offer a 5-year color consistency warranty. There is no fine print and no extra effort on the part of the luminaire manufacturer, specifier, architect, OEM or end-user.

There’s never been a warranty like this before. Whether you’re looking to enhance a retail establishment, show off artwork or create a mood for a gathering place, Xicato invites you to see your space in the best possible light.

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