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LM-79 Testing

Xicato and UL have teamed to bring OEMs a more affordable and faster LM-79 testing program. The company’s whole-product approach, thermal validation program and this LM-79 program contribute to end-user confidence in solutions that provide high quality light with demonstrated color, consistency and light output performance. For Xicato OEMs with luminaires that have been thermally validated, it provides a path to lower costs and significantly shorter time to market for quality lighting solutions. 

Benefits of this exclusive program:

  • 50% discount per luminaire for LM-79 testing
  • 5 Working Day Turnaround from UL

Thermal validation of a luminare is a pre-requisite to the Xicato - UL program. Xicato Luminaire Thermal Validation Program certifies that a luminaire is properly engineered to manage heat. Thermally validated luminaires are granted the Xicato 5 Year Color Consistency and Lumen Maintenance Warranty, the first of its kind in the lighting industry. Backed by Munich Re, the warranty guarantees that the color of light and light output from Xicato modules will be maintained over time, ensuring that an installation looks right through its entire life.

Established by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES), the LM-79 testing methodology specifies measuring the absolute electrical and photometric performance of a complete solid-state lighting luminaire rather than individual parts of the system, and is increasingly a requirement for regional and national programs. Test results include total flux (light output), electrical power, efficacy, chromaticity, and intensity distribution, all of which are required for the LED Lighting Facts label. 

Accessing Xicato LM-79 Test Services Program

LM-79 testing has never been easier, faster or less costly. Through a unique arrangement between Xicato and UL, luminaires thermally validated by Xicato can be submitted to UL for LM-79 testing at discounted rates and with a one-week turnaround.


  1. When requesting testing from UL you must provide the code “Xicato LM-79”.
  2. The luminaire being submitted must use a Xicato module.
  3. The luminaire must have been thermally validated by Xicato.
  4. The submitting OEM must provide proof of thermal validation for each luminaire. This can be a signed copy of the Xicato Thermal Validation Report or the validation number. This will be confirmed by UL.

To get a quotation and begin the process of LM-79 testing under this program, call or send an email to any of the four UL contacts listed below. UL will respond with additional information and instructions for submission.

In the U.S. call +1.610.774.1300 or email

In China call + or email

In India call +91.124.4215.705 or email

In Europe call +39.039.638.5832 or email

For more information regarding LM-79 Testing at UL, please visit