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Video Training

This page provides a convenient, organized list of links to YouTube videos that explain fundamentals of light and color, lighting control technology, and Xicato products. This list will grow over time to help users self-train on lighting design, lighting control, and how to install and use Xicato GalaXi products. More documentation is readily available on our website under Support / Documents and Tools

Light and Color

Color Consistent LEDs by Xicato

Xicato Beauty Series

Using the Xicato Color Portfolio Demonstration Kit

Dimming and Flicker

Video: LED Dimming Comparison - Part 1

Video: LED Dimming Comparison - Part 2

Lighting Control

GalaXi Products

What can you do with XIM Gen4?

Xicato GalaXi Demonstration Kit - Intro

Xicato Configuration Tool (XCT)

Xicato Control Panel

Installing Control Panel for MacOS

Xicato GalaXi Provisioning using Control Panel