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Every Module - Output, Color, and Electronics

The Xicato Color Consistency and Lumen Maintenance Warranty is the first industry warranty that guarantees modules in an installation will deliver visually consistent light from luminaire to luminaire for at least a five year period. End users and specifiers can now have confidence knowing that there is legitimate backing for the long-term performance of an LED-based lighting installation.

Guaranteed light output and color consistency over the life of an installation ensures that your space will retain its initial beauty for many years to come. Xicato’s approach to warranty provides substantial improvements to fixture dependability and sustainability, lowering total cost of ownership at the same time.

B0 - No Failures!

The Xicato warranty is the only light source warranty that includes not only light output but also color consistency (Δu’v’ < 0.003) for five years. The warranty applies to single point failures – no complicated terms that are applicable only in case of epidemic failures.

Xicato XIM

Because operational data is stored by the hour in XIM’s microprocessor, warranty can now be tied to true operational hours, removing the need to guess based on operating days and hours per day. Xicato warrants XIM for 50,000 hours or 7 years, whichever comes first (50,000 hours continuous operation is 5.7 years). The warranty covers light output and color consistency as well as the integrated electronics at zero failures. 

For more details, see the full Xicato Terms & Conditions.
Xicato LED modules offer superior dimming